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Statistics reveal that different companies across the US lose nearly 70 billion dollars of productivity due of employees not turning up. Besides this,When recyclable or renewable materials are used to construct office furnishings, the furniture may be regarded as Green since the manufacturing process has a reduced impact on the environment. Of course the degree to which the furniture can be considered enviro-friendly depends on the percentage of renewable substances used; the greater the percentage of recycled or renewable materials, the Greener it is. the sudden illness at work and its infectivity contributes to reduced efficiency and subsequent shortfall of manpower on heavy work days. However, by simply installing a good hand sanitizer, these infections and their spread to others can be reduced to a significant extent. Companies can choose the touch-free and drip free options like GOJO Industries Touch Free Sanitizer Dispenser for their office. A hand sanitizer at the entrance of conference rooms, cafeteria, and other high-traffic zones in the office can greatly help reduce the spread of germs.It is also important to consider your employees. Yes, it is true that in every business, the bottom line is what matters. But don't forget that employees are actually the ones who lead to the realization of the bottom line in the first place. Your employees should have the right environment to work in and should be comfortable while working.