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Ask for a discount. Even when buying from a retail store, you should always ask for a discount. If you are buying enough furniture to kit out an entire office, you may find that the retailer is more than willing to offer you a discount rather than have you look for your furniture elsewhere. If you know what the shape and measurements are of the bespoke office furniture you are having installed, then create cut-outs of the furniture, using the same scale proportions of the graph drawing of the room. This way, you can move the furniture around and see what type of furniture arrangement will work best. Make sure to consider how and where you like to work before putting any furniture in the office; some people love the idea of facing a window, others prefer to face the doorway. You should also consider what you spend most of your time doing when working and arrange the items of furniture accordingly. For instance, if you often have to reach for files for your work, then keep the filing cabinets close to the desk so that they are easily accessible. James T Lees writes for and on behalf of Blueprint Office. They offer offices in the UK the finest in office furniture and accessories.