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Second hand furniture is a great way to get the quality you want at the prices you want. There are many websites online where people sell their unwanted items. Businesses close for a number of reasons and may be forced to sell off their office furniture. If you set up email alerts for when there is any new furniture for sale, you should be able to get the deals as soon as they are posted.The office furniture selected should be able to portray the right image for your clients and employees. Your type of business will determine the design and layout of your office. A business in the field of creativity will obviously have a different design and layout compared to a technical business. Once you've looked into the materials used, manufacturing process and the enviro-friendly certification level of your office furniture, you will need to consider cost. Green office furniture is available for a range of budgets, although generally speaking the more you spend on a product, the more sustainable it is. Prices will vary from supplier to supplier and will also depend on certification levels. Ergonomic chairs can be found for under $200 or can run upwards of $800. Shop around and do your research before making any decision. In the end you may prefer to pay a higher price if you know the product is truly Green. Of course there is always the option to buy previously-loved furniture if you have little wiggle room in your budget. Purchasing refurbished and used products is always an excellent Green alternative - you help use less resources, keep furniture out of the landfills and it's easy on your wallet.